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Top Ten Ways To Have An Affair And Not Get Caught...

By Danielle Hollister

Most everyone believes when they get married that it will be forever. However, the reality in today's world is that many marriages fail and result in divorce. Other married couples may fall out of love and grow to dislike one another more than they care to admit. But for a variety of reasons (kids, money, religious beliefs etc...), they remain husband and wife in theory primarily.

These types of marriages can inevitably lead one or both spouses to seek the comfort of another adult and eventually cheat on one another. Another scenario that may lead a married person to be unfaithful is an unexpected meeting with someone who sweeps them off their feet.

Despite their attempts to prevent this relationship from becoming an extramarital affair, they may find their feelings to powerful to deny and thus give into their desires to be with this new person. The saying "Life is too short..." comes to mind as justification for this new love or lust.

Yet other married people may consciously choose to cheat on their spouses. If you fall into that category, you probably have the art of not getting caught mastered already.

Regardless of what leads a spouse to break their wedding vows, here some of the best ways to get away with an affair.


  1. Never bring your lover to your home.


  2. Never go to your lover's home (unless they are completely single and free from the ties of marriage and/or a serious relationship.) If they get caught by their significant other, chances are your spouse will also find out.


  3. Never call your new companion from your home phone and/or your cell phone (if your spouse has access to your phone record.)


  4. Never give your new friend your home phone number.


  5. Keep a low profile when you are out with your lover. You would be surprised how many people know you and/or your spouse, who unbeknownst to you may see you lavishing inappropriate attention on your new companion in public.


  6. Do your best to meet with your lover out of town - somewhere far enough away from home that you do not know people and people do not know you.


  7. Try to set up a regular schedule of "dates" with your lover. If your spouse expects you to be out of town for business overnight every Wednesday, he/she will not suspect anything when you maintain this schedule and include your new friend in your overnight stays.


  8. Do not become too confident in your ability to deceive your spouse. If you become too sure of yourself, you will get sloppy and you may get caught.


  9. Do not tell everyone you know about your illicit trysts. You should trust very few, if any, friends with your secret.


  10. Do not make promises you cannot keep. Nothing will prompt your lover to reveal your affair to your spouse quicker than your failure to fulfill some insincere commitment to end your marriage for him or her.




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