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By Judy Arline Puckett

Too many of us seem to think that there should be 24-7 happiness in our life, so when there is problems in a marriage the temptation for affairs and divorce is there.

But where ever we are in our life, in or out of love, single or in a long term relationship or marriage, there is no 24-7 happiness.

There are happy moments to cherish and to hold us through the trials. Society has lead us to believe we should be happy and beautiful at all times and with someone happy and beautiful at all times.

The most important thing to remember when we are sad, are have feelings of depression or suicidal thoughts, is that we don't know what the next moment will bring, perhaps the rainbow after the rain. Love could come at any moment, life changes sometime suddenly, sometime over a long period of time.

Than there are those of us who dream. But we don't want to work to make our dreams come true. We want them to magically happen, and when they don't or we can't reach them so often we give up on everything, when we should find a new dream, a new direction in life.

There is a old song that has great truth in it, when you can't be with the one you love the one you are with. Each of us have hidden talents,love and friendship that can be given to others,if you see a lonely person,be a friend. To have a friend,be a friend.

Loneliness ends where friendship begins.

Peace Within
In a search for peace within,
I have found some questions and a few answers.

Have I any regrets?
1. List all regrets.
One side of regrets,
are things that have never been done?
Try to find a way to do them.
The other side of regrets are things done wrong.
Realize this was only a learning experience.
Time to move on.

Can I have my dreams come true?
2.Realize which dreams are unattainable,
and which dreams are realistic.
List ways of making them come true.
Remember dreams don't always come to you.
You have to go to them.
List realistic dreams and ways to obtain them.
What if I have failed?

List Failures.
Than list the learning experience.
Failures are a very important tool of life,
They make us stronger, and wiser

Advice to parents who's child is entering college.

Make sure that your child has taken two foreign language credits ,so they will qualify for Tops scholarships.

Ask your high school counselor for applications for scholarships ,they rarely suggest that to you,your student has to inquire.

As long as your student has a 2.5 there are a lot of scholarships that your student may qualify for, starting this process should be in the 10th grade

. The sooner the better. There will be a new word in your vocabulary ,called purge,

The way to avoid finding out the definition of this word is to make sure all financially aid is taken care of in advance,also make sure classes are confirmed.

For those who will be living in a dorm make sure it is reserved. The Procrastinator will have problems. Know the numbers of financialaid,comptrollers,admissions,housing.and your college website.Be prepared. Keep up with important information. Be prepared for surprise financial problems ,such as the financial aid not coming though in time.

Classes will be purged which means cancelled for your student if there is a financial problem.

A student has to have at least a 2.0 to qualify for financial assistance,which is harder than it sounds,college classes run shorter and are more difficult the high school classes were for your child.

Nothing is discussed concerning your child with the parent. But the university will accept your money.

Counselors at college are there for the purpose of advising classes for the major your child chooses, they don't advice them on other issues.

Very intellect students who excelled in high school can find that they struggle in college.

A student needs to developed good study skills.

College is very expensive and can lead to a huge financial loans that will have to be repaid.

It's a hard struggle for both students and parents.

When one fails ,encourage them to seek a new direction for failure is not the end of the world.

The hardest thing there is for a parent is to let your child go,let them have their own experiences ,successes and failures,both good and bad,and learn from them and become strong responsible independent adults.

A college education is not for everyone,some have succeeded well without a formal education,but it does open doors of opportunities. 




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